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Lorie Fleming Learning

A Bauhaus-inspired design for our logo

I was asked by my friend Lorie Fleming, an Instructional Designer to help her brand her new business. Instructional design is quite a technical trade but I know Lorie as approachable, pretty, and very feminine, so we were careful not to make the logo too ‘Techie’. Lorie particularly wanted to use her initials in the logo and, after going through some variations she was delighted with this result. 


Using Lorie’s business name, ‘Lorie Fleming Design ‘ I took the 2 distinct components, ‘L’, and ‘F’, and further simplified them down into simple forms. These simple curved and linear forms are combined with 2 book pages adding a 3-page element to the end of the letter ‘L’.  The final logo is circled with a round border and coloured in Lorie’s chosen palette. 



By listening carefully to our client’s wishes we created a chic minimalist logo that, not only embodied her business but also embraced her preference for a feminine aesthetic.


We created these additional icons for Lorie to use on her website and in her instructional courses.