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Business Brand Identity


Newgen Forestry Services

In 2020 we were hired to set up a start-up company NewGen Forestry, to create a brand identity for their business. The brief included a website and a set of marketing materials. Starting a successful new business with brand creation is very satisfying. We are delighted to continue working with NewGen Forestry today.

See our blog on the evolution of NewGen’s brand.

Visit the NewGen website.


Remember Us

Social Group for People with Special Needs

We were asked by Remember Us to rebrand an existing charity. The original logo made the group look as if the members were children. In fact, Remember Us provides a social space for people from childhood to adulthood. With this in mind, we created a brand that stands for unity, cooperation, and growth. A group of all ages working together to grow and achieve their goals. The logo depicts a large and a smaller stylized human figure reaching upwards to the stars.  The marketing collateral shows the group members looking confident and dressed for success. This marketing campaign helped this charity raise enough funds to purchase a permanent clubhouse, where they are going strong.


Belle Horreur

Gothic/Horror Themed Clothing & Merchandise

A logotype (or wordmark) uses a specific font, rather instead of an image to represent a brand. For the Belle Horreur logo, we wanted to express a gothic/horror idea, but avoid anything reminiscent of the type of horror fonts you might see in movie posters. This logo is intended to be used on different sizes of clothing and merchandise, so the goal was to keep the font as clean and elegant as possible. Small marks tend to lose detail, so we opted for clean lines and simple colours. We created a black-on-white font, with sharp descenders on random letters that look like they are slowly dripping. The rounded ears of the ‘r’ give the logo a traditional elegance.

Visit the Belle Horreur website


Myco Management

Mushroom Importer

The logo is a combination of the company founders name (Mark O’Connor) and button mushrooms. Together they form the brand for Myco Management. The logo font is reshaped into custom drawn letters to highlight the rounded shape of a button mushroom. The ‘Y’ of ‘myco’ is formed into two stems topped by a mid-blue mushroom cap. The cap creates a lamp effect casting a light downwards onto the stems and the individual letters of the word ‘myco’. This logo adds personality and a delightful fantasy feel to what’s seen as a normal, everyday button mushroom.

There is a lot more to building a brand, but we hope this gives you an idea of how the creative process works. If you would like to talk about your own company brand please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to chat with no obligation on your part.