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Belle House Logo Redesign

A Bauhaus-inspired design for our logo


Being a design studio that brands other businesses, it can be extremely challenging to design your own logo!  It is hard to step away from yourself and analyze yourself in the way that you would your clients.  When I first established Belle House Design, which is a division of our Fletcher Bentley IT Consultancy business, I wanted a more creative look and feel. I work out of my home, which is a quaint stone-fronted cottage in the country, and I had the idea to reference my home studio. My other criterion was that my logo would be fun and easy to  animate.

The result was the pencil logo you see here. I created 4 coloured shapes to represent the stone walls of my house. I topped it off with a pointed roof in the shape of a pencil, so it was, quite literally, exactly what I was going for….but I have never liked it.

It’s not such a bad logo if I was designing for, perhaps a school or arts and crafts-related company, but I was designing for a graphic design studio. My studio! And so, I had to separate myself from myself and take a look at how I would brand myself as I would for a new client.


I have designed logos for many diverse businesses, but I have never designed a logo for another graphic designer before. Compounding that was the fact that the graphic designer I was working for was me! I had to work hard to see, Belle House Design for what it is: A contemporary design studio offering best-in-class design and digital solutions to businesses who expect a sleek and modern output from me.

With this in mind, I began to pay less attention to location and environment and more attention to the  “Design” part of my business. I began to research art movements. while at design school, I had started looking into art movements. I was drawn to the basic forms of the Bauhaus movement, founded by Architect, Walter Gropius. This style is simple and functional –  characterised by clean lines broken down into simple and streamlined circles, squares, and triangles. The Bauhaus ideal of ‘Form follows function’: linear and geometrical forms, avoiding complicated shapes still applies today, over 100 years later.


Using my business name, ‘Belle House Design’ I took the 3 distinct components, ‘B’, ‘H’, and ‘D’, and I further simplified them down into simple forms. These simple curved and linear forms became my logo elements. Two semi-circular shapes form the ‘B’.  The center of the ‘H’ was removed to form two vertical rectangles. The bottom shape from the ‘B’ is duplicated in the ‘D’.



‘Form Follows Function’.
The result is a Bauhaus-inspired logo The logo elements combined to form an instantly recognisable ‘B, H, D’,  which, not only represents my business name but also stands alone as a piece of graphic art that personifies the criteria of simple, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Even if my colours don’t perfectly match the Bauhaus aesthetic, my own choice of colours tend to veer towards solf teals and greens. For this logo, I sacrificed a reference to my design studio located in my house – or did I? Not entirely! The pop of yellow colour in the ‘D’ is a nod to the lovely yellow paint colour of the side of ‘Belle House’.


This logo will work on a light or dark background while maintaining strong visibility due to the colours chosen. For a dark background the dark teal of the sub title will be changed to yellow. All other colours remain unchanged.

A variation colour with the ‘D’ as a cut out may be used in black or grey on block colour or as a watermark over images.