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Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce

A simple logo makeover resulting in a crisp and modern look.


We have worked with the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce many times over the years, so they looked to us when they wanted a logo redesign for their 25th Anniversary.  The original logo below represents the viaduct, which is one of the iconic features of this seaside town. With this brand in mind, the Chamber of Commerce did not want a radical logo redesign, but simply a refinement of the current logo for a more contemporary aesthetic.

We carefully reviewed the logo and, considering that the viaduct is the identifying element of the logo itself, it must remain instantly recognisable. However, with the additional elements, it seemed more like a digital illustration than a logo – meaning there are too many elements included.

The elements that can easily be removed without compromising the recognisable viaduct are highlighted here. 

In fact, as you can see here their removal enhances the viaduct’s visibility, making it more apparent and distinct.


With the new logo concept decided upon, the logo was redrawn in Illustrator, ensuring a crisp vector image that could be resized without any loss of quality. To maintain a contemporary feel, we selected a sleek font that perfectly aligns with a forward-thinking organisation representing modern businesses.

With careful attention to detail we reimagined the Chamber of Commerce’s visual identity by breathing new life into the outdated logo. This refreshed emblem represents the essence of the Balbriggan Chamber of Commerce -representing a young, growing, and vibrant business centre, continuously striving for excellence.